Placsell® Sanitario Industrial (PSI).


The Placsell® Industrial Sanitary System (PSI) consists of an inseparable kit formed by plate and profile with the following characteristics:

1.- The plate is 3 mm thick extruded polypropylene, copolymer and food grade.

2.- It is formed by a certain proportion of propylene and ethylene that makes it more flexible, harder and withstands temperatures between -40º and + 60º C.

3.- This makes it not comparable with any other plastic coating existing on the market and therefore unparalleled to coat refrigerated chambers.

4.- The profiling used is of own design, being approved and registered in the Industrial Property Registry with its variants.

5.- It is formed by two profiles, one of anodized aluminum anchored to the surface where the plate rests on both sides, being pressed against the profile by another one of solid PVC, opposite way that engages in the first by means of two nails and cover all the screws.

6.- This set makes the expansion joint, in such a way that the plate is imprisoned against the surface but not screwed, which allows freedom of movement for the effects of expansion / contraction due to the effect of temperature, very useful in cold rooms and with the additional advantage, given the pressure exerted, that no dirt of any kind penetrates.

7.- It is very easy to assemble and also to disassemble, if necessary.