Placsell® Sanitario Industrial. PSI

Cladding that consists of a brilliant white, food grade, extruded polypropylene plate that, together with  an  own and patented profiling system, consisting of an aluminium profile and pressure jamb of white and solid PVC and guaranteed against blows. All that provides  an assembly and sealing  in the union of the plates that guarantee  their perfect sanitary finish.

Slaughterhouses,  quartering rooms , meat and fish workrooms, bakeries and cake shops, cooked dishes, dairy products, oil, fruit and vegetables, warehouses, refrigerating  chambers, curing chambers, freezing chambers and tunnels, dairies, farms, siloes, bottling plants, car washes, etc.

Do not let yourself be influenced!

By a deceptive and malicious propaganda that circulates through the networks discrediting the flexible coating.