Coating committed to the environment. Revestimiento PSI Placsell® Sanitario Industrial 12/02/2020

1.- Placsell, being a non-porous, non-stick coating and being sealed with a watertight joint, makes cleaning easier and thus saves water and detergents.

Several of our clients, mainly slaughterhouses, have told us that they have gone from thoroughly cleaning the walls every one or two days, to doing it once a week and with much less water consumption.

2.- Many of our clients had to paint the cameras with polyurethane paint every three years, with Placsell they have been coated for life, avoiding smells and paint waste always polluting, thus favoring the environment.

3.- With Placsell, being able to cover the walls covering the paint, the tiles or panels existing in them, the debris is avoided and with it the proliferation of waste and garbage.

4.- Placsell is a coating for life, with the advantage that it is reusable if for any reason the coating had to be moved to another surface.

5.- The leftovers that can be produced in the facilities, are recovered and sent to the factory for recycling, since this is easy, you just have to liquefy them and pass them again through the 3 mm row to convert them back into an iron.