Now with Covid-19, cleaning and disinfection is more important than ever. With Placsell is easy Revestimiento PSI Placsell® Sanitario Industrial 04/11/2020


One of the concerns that raises the most questions in these times of a global pandemic for companies is the cleanliness of the different rooms and the time that the new coronavirus can last on the different surfaces of the walls and ceilings.

The World Health Organization (WHO), in its preliminary studies points out that the virus can subsist on surfaces from a few hours to several days. They tell us that in the joints of the tiles (one of the most used materials in industrial buildings) the virus can remain up to five days.

From Revestimientos Coberplast we recommend “covering” the walls and ceilings where we have joints, where the virus can proliferate, with ®Placsell Sanitario. Some of the advantages:

  •  - Non-porous, resistant to water, pressure, non-stick surface and therefore easy to clean.   
  • - Impact resistant and elastic, impossible to dent.       
  • - Inalterable to animal fats, proteins, blood, excretions and other natural acids that exist within  the food industry, as
  •   well as to most of the acids on the market.
  • Resistant to attacks from most chemical products, including alkaline detergents.        
  • - It is not toxic, does not pollute or produce odors in its installation.                

That is the solution, because it does not work only to clean the tiles with a Karcher hose and bleach, the virus will continue to proliferate.