30 years ... and we will continue to facilitate your work for many more years. Revestimiento PSI Placsell® Sanitario Industrial 18/05/2020

Titulo Coberplast 30 Aniversario.

This year 2020 in Revestimientos COBERPLAST S.L. we are 30 years old.

Three decades in which we have established ourselves as a benchmark for the industrial sanitary hygiene sector.
One of our most outstanding values ??has been innovation from day one, since we were the ones who devised and 
patented a new wall cladding system intended preferably for the industrial sanitary hygiene sector, both nationally
and internationally. We refer to our Placsell® Sanitary Industrial approved system (PSI) patent, brand and
development of its property.
This first project has been subsequently expanded, giving rise, within its Placsell brand, to a wide range of 
coating solutions for walls and ceilings, all of which are approved for the industrial sector and especially for
food, pharmaceutical, sanitary and hospitable.
Our first project 30 years ago, was the coating of all the chambers of the Central Market in Barcelona (Mercabarna)
and from that project, word of mouth worked and currently more than 1,300,000 m2 have been placed between Spain and
abroad .
Photos of the first camera lined in Mercabarna 30 years ago follow.
 Mercabarna cold room.

Cámara frigorífica Mercabarna. antes                                  Cámara frigorífica Mercabarna. Después

                              Before                                               After
And lately, it is worth noting the incorporation of a new product specially destined for the healthcare, 
pharmaceutical and hospital sectors, such as the Placsell Sanitario Antimicrobial (PSA) coating.
Coating very opportune at the moment in which the Covid 19 invades us, since given its hygienic / sanitary 
and antimicrobial properties, it guarantees that the walls are protected from all kinds of germs, viruses and
bacteria, maintaining also a constant and lasting effect due to the non-migration of active compounds and thus
preventing the proliferation of mold on surfaces.
And we continue to collaborate with all our clients and friends.